Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It seems that there is a whirlwind of blogging going on or is it a case of Murphy's Law? Once you notice something you keep on seeing it over and over:


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  1. You're absolutely right! Once your eyes are open to something new, you find that it's all over the place! Just about everyone involved in EFL has a blog these days, so there is a lot of information and sharing going on. Now to find the time to tap into these resources!

    I have a tip for you on your blog. The link you share is great, but you can make it a hyperlink (if someone clicks on it, they go directly to the site).
    When you write a post, mark any word, address, phrase or even picture and then go to the link icon at the top. If you click on the icon, you can add the URL/internet address. Then save and you will see that it is now a hyperlink!

    For this post you would need to edit it, but it is the same process.